What’s Next In a Wide-Open Online Space?

Full circle. I’m in a similar position to where I was back in February. Just a little older and wiser.

I think I’ve also gained about 5 years of experience in the last two months. Almost to the day, on September 6th, hurricane Irma came battering in and catapulted every single St. Maarten/St. Martin resident into new beginnings.

The widespread destruction of buildings and property was like nothing I’d ever seen. Buildings that had withstood the last 5 storms without a hit disintegrated like matchboxes.  Lots of lessons there, but that’s another story

I think I’d learned all I cared to learn about e-commerce for the time-being. The business model is similar for most e-commerce sites, but the devil is in the details with drop shipping, Ali-Express or other suppliers, the ins and outs of setting up a payment processor if you’re not operating within the U.S. or one of the other more trafficked markets, and a host of other micro-concerns.

By the time I’d finished with all that, I’d gotten a chance to see how the bigger boys work. Definitely can be a cash-cow if you know what you’re doing. It all depends on the product line you want to focus on first. For some, you have to make up your mind to deal with products, storage, and figuring out shipping.  For others, you can get all that taken care of by third parties, but you have to do a lot more research and relationship-building up-front.

In either case, with a positive mindset, experience is rarely a bad thing. That’s what it boils down to for me despite not choosing to continue down this route. but I can take you through the steps to profitability. If you already have a successful offline product or product idea, whether in a brick & mortar setting or otherwise, hit me up and let’s compare notes about expanding your horizons online.

In the meantime, I haven’t made it all the way back to parenting. For that I’m working on a survey funnel to try and find out what’s feasible.

Starting a Podcast

Along the way, I’m also pretty sure I’ll be doing a podcast, regardless of what my business looks like 5 years from now. So along with all the other learning and researching, there’s that. The pics you see are snapshots of some of the gear. Was just about ready to go with the teaching of life-skills concept a Fizzle course stopped me dead in my tracks. To a large extent, that’s still where I’m at.

There’s a whole lot of misconceptions out there about podcasting and what it does for a business. Long story short–you still have to do all the other things to build your platform.

Yes, having a podcast can get you there faster,but not without building relationships with others, not without constant promotion, not without really engaging content, and certainly not without consistency. Even then, it can still be slow growth depending on your topic, whether or not you have a sell-developed voice and style, how organized you are in terms of your work-flow. The work-flow thing is especially applicable if you’re doing most of your own post-recording production work.

I’ve finally figured how to do a mix-minus on the mixer board, and most of the other technical stuff around producing the audio files, getting a syndicated RSS feed, getting the blog links, media hosting and all that jazz. I’ll keep on keeping you posted, especially if you ask specific questions about getting started with launching a podcast.

Online Profit Side-Gig

Where online marketing is concerned, I’ve now got a small list of clients I want to coach all the way from idea to profitable prototype. Scaling from the prototype stage will have to wait. Yes I’ve researched and read extensively, but no, I haven’t really applied it and make it work for myself as yet.

So for now, I’m only comfortable consulting to the point of a viable proposition. It’s a bit of a catch 22 though. I’m still offering this for free to build my credibility. Except for one person, those on the list jumped at the opportunity. But you know the odds on people acting on free information, no matter how valuable. My mindset on this one so far is that you just have to be methodical about certain things.

In the meantime, after following Corbett Bar on and off for years, I finally signed up with Fizzle. It’s just not healthy or productive cruising around online all by yourself. Hiring a really good coach is beyond my budget right now, so a community like Fizzle seems like just the thing for accountability and all the other benefits of being part of an vibrant online tribe.

I’m seeing instant benefits too. It’s beginning to look like part of my lack of focus and consistency has more to do with choice of the right topic than about discipline or willpower. Should have realized this sooner, but that’s tough when everything you’re planning to do is only inside your own head–you’re not bouncing ideas, plans, or experiences off anyone else.

Yikes! The thing I’ve always believed to be the thing I’d be working on for  a very long time turns out to be number-seven on my list of topics. In Fizzle that means that there are other things that are more suitable for my particular set of interests and goals. Threw me for a loop for sure. It’s exciting because the light appearing may be the end of the tunnel approaching. At the same time it’s a bummer realizing how huge my blind-spot may have been.

Deep, inside work is due. Sigh! I’m game though. Would be nice if you come along so we can share and learn together.

The List

I still have one more set of customer conversations to go through before I’m going to put the whole parenting gig behind me and pivoting. But just so you know, here’s the list of topics Fizzle helped me generate for possible ideas. Let me know if any of them are along the lines YOU may be thinking. You can never tell how we can help each other out down the road

  1. Social Media/Live Video
  2. Caribbean Retreats/Conferences/Meetups
  3. Resonant Leadership
  4. Making & Launching Online Courses
  5. Blogging
  6. Online Marketing Coach
  7. Parenting Ed
  8. Every-day Sociology for Dummies
  9. Life Coaching
  10. DIY Audio Speakers

See what I mean? What’s your take?


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