Smarter, Faster, Better Notes

duhigg book coverDuhigg on Productivity

I found “The Power of Habit” was immensely useful. When Charles Duhigg therefore announced his next book, I was eager to find out what it was all about.

Smarter, Faster Better, in my opinion, is just as useful. Despite the completeness of these notes, a summary of this book will give you less than 10% the value of it’s unabridged version, for reasons you will see at the end of this post, in the summary review.

Duhigg presents eight components he draws from folks who have learned how to master productivity in the while taking advantage of modern technology. He point out that such advantages can’t be taken for granted, because the technology has actually made a negative impact on overall productivity for too many of us. [Read more…]


What’s Your 6-Figure Thing?


It’s been a while…I know.
But I’ve been busy. Real Busy getting ready for serving you more consistently. Research time is mostly over. I’ve invested 8 years of my time and money. I have the goods. I’m ready to deliver.

You ready?

The next 11 months will be different. I promise.
And I don’t make too many promises. [Read more…]


Resetting for 2017; What’s Your Why?

It’s 5:45 a.m. and I’ve only been in bed since 1:30.

Still, I’ve been tossing and turning for the last 90 minutes or so. Can’t say what woke me up. Brain just wouldn’t shut down. I should be dog-tired and hungry for sleep. Instead, I finally decide to get up a full 15 minutes before my alarm goes off to iron my clothes. Guess I’ll be crashing late morning or early this afternoon if I don’t get a really good breakfast.

You ever had nights like those? [Read more…]


How To Stay Creative (And Why It Matters)

Young creative people working together in office

I believe each one of us has a dream inside of us that, if we’re well for the most part, won’t leave us alone. And I believe that with the right kind of nurturing, that dream can inspire us to be who we were designed to be.

That’s right. I said designed. You can look at it from a spiritual or Biblical perspective. Or just from Psychology 101 or whatever. ┬áBut no one has the same set of abilities, experiences, and genetic make-up as YOU do. There’s something to be done in this world that ONLY you can do. And behind all that stuff is a big hairy dream pricking you from time to time. [Read more…]

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