Launching Your Thing Online

One Root is my personal blog. I jump on and off here whenever I get the urge after I got my feet wet blogging about parenting.

Writing about parenting served it’s purpose. I reached the folks I wanted to reach while learning a whole lot about content marketing and distribution.

So much in fact, that I decided that at some point, I was going to turn it into a business–just not in the same parenting space. That’s when I started finding out how much I didn’t know.

Here’s a few inside tips I picked up.

Lots of folks with parenting blogs and websites have monetized them into decent side-incomes. My heart just wasn’t into the idea of making money that way… maybe because I work with parents full time already, and wanted a totally different business.

I wanted something new, yet still fascinating. Wasn’t in any kind of hurry or anything. I knew I’d have to develop my own voice and message. You don’t hone skills like that overnight. There’s still a way to go, but I’m a lot better than 7 years ago when I started.

My point is that there may be things you’re really good at, or feel strongly about; that you want to spend more time doing. Often, those things can be monetized–but not always. Where parenting and me were concerned, sure, there are ways to get profitable that way. And I have legitimate claim to be an expert on the topic. You can even say I’m passionate about it. But at the end of the day, just not passionate enough for the energy and drive it would take for ME to turn it into a business. Someone else, maybe.

What medium do you start with?

For you, writing may also be the way to go. Or not. You may decide to start with audio, or video instead. The way it’s going, everybody doing anything online should be using some form of video content along with it as well…even if you don’t have a natural flair for it. I share why in this free report.

But if you DO have a natural flair for video, jump on it. Why?  Simple. You can get a lot more–and I mean a WHOLE lot more exposure, and reach people faster and cheaper with video. But time is short. Within 18 months or so, video will cost just as much, and maybe more so, as it costs now to reach 15 times more people with written articles or audio. And there won’t be another opportunity like this anytime soon. Maybe never. So grab the report, hop over to my new site and take the next step.

The most powerful content you can produce is content you develop specifically for the individual who’s going to consume it. Sounds easy enough, except that you want as many individuals as possible consuming it. There’s always a trade-off. this is why copywriters are the highest paid writers in the world today. The best copywriters in the world can appeal to large numbers of people with the same script, and they drive sales like nothing else does.

Somewhere along the way, this is another topic we’re going to have to delve into. I introduce it here to explain why I have to establish a separate website for online marketing.

Where business is concerned, I can’t have you looking for the content you need among all my other stuff you may have zero interest in. And I can’t approach it in a haphazard manner either. It can’t be on-again, off-again writing, vlogging, or podcasting. Folks look for a source of reliable, consistently produced content.

Several weeks ago, I encouraged you to reset for 2017 by reconnecting with your why. On Friday, a slightly different twist on the same subject prompted you to make sure your why is huge…big enough to keep you fighting for it once your journey starts.

Now it’s time to shift to your business itself…your thing you’re taking online and share yourself meaningfully to the world.

Your Thing Online Dotcom

That’s both the name and topic of the new blog for starting and growing an online blog, and why I believe we should all develop one.

So this is the last post on anything having to do with building an online business. See you on the other side if that’s going to be your thing.


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