What’s Your 6-Figure Thing?


It’s been a while…I know.
But I’ve been busy. Real Busy getting ready for serving you more consistently. Research time is mostly over. I’ve invested 8 years of my time and money. I have the goods. I’m ready to deliver.

You ready?

The next 11 months will be different. I promise.
And I don’t make too many promises.

There’s this question I wanted to ask you right now. It’s not about the business you’re going to build to six figures or beyond. This is a little different.

I want you to think on it deeply, because your answer will determine where you will be in the next three years.. whether you will have more or less the same life you have now… or something completely different.

Suppose time was no problem for you.. you had all the time in the world.. all your waking hours in fact.

Let’s say money was no obstacle either.. you could take 5 years off and you wouldn’t have to worry about how your bills got paid. But you had to choose ONE thing to do that means the whole world to you. THAT’S the six-figure thing I’m talking about.

What would that thing be?

What’s stopping you from chasing after it right now with all your heart and soul?
Don’t read any further until you stop and really think about this. In all my years working with people, a good percentage of them would tend to gloss over questions like these. If you catch yourself doing the same, stop and consider there’s a reason why you’re not allowing yourself to dream that big.

If you allow your mind to settle on it for more than a few seconds, it gets a little uncomfortable.

So allow your mind to stay on it. Get uncomfortable. You KNOW it can’t last long.

Yeeeeees relax. Take a deep breath. Discomfort’s gone. Breathe in some more. Commit to slowing way down as you fill your lungs with air again. Lean back and let your mind drift.

How would your day look if you didn’t have to exchange time for money on an almost daily basis? What time would you get up? What’s the first thing you would do? What would you be looking forward to? How would you spend the rest of a typical day?

This is the first crucial step. Skip this step, and you won’t dream big enough when you need the motivation. The bumps, bruises, and hardship.. the doubt and worry, the voice inside your head and those around you.. both loved ones and others.. telling you “who the hell do you think you are to even THINK you can do this? Without this first crucial step to arm and protect you, the battle is lost before it even begins.

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I don’t care if it takes you an entire day or an entire weekend, or even an entire week working on it every single day. Get your favorite tool and start writing it down. I use Penzu, Evernote, or my handy dead-tree notebook. Doesn’t matter. Just put your back (or your mind) into it.

Every successful person has had such a vision, cultivated it, and kept it in view daily, even if just for a few seconds. For some, it’s a natural thing they’ve done since early childhood. For others, it’s a muscle that needs work.

Your dream doesn’t even have to look the same today as it did a few years ago. It’s probably going to change before you’re much older. but you need to have one, it has to be something you can get emotional about. We don’t all have the same drive from one day to the next. But you DO need to have something powerful enough in your gut to drive consistent action.

And if there’s something stopping you from doing this, believe me. You’re not the only one. Let’s talk about it. Use the comments below. I’d LOVE hearing from you.

Next post we’ll start talking about the vehicle that’ll get you there. Your business–developing the thing you’re going to offer to the world. It’s a huge topic that will span several posts having to do with business models, mindset and entrepreneural resilience.

But you have to do this now. Many business models are killing it with profits, while wreaking havoc on the personal lives of the entrepreneur for too long a period of time. Starting first with a crystal clear vision of what you REALLY want out of your eventual success is therefor crucial.

I did this myself a year ago, kept it close to me and refined it during the first week of December. Having a coach and over a dozen long-distance mentors is indispensable. There’s a proven path, and there’s no need to learn anything the hard way in this day and age.

So stay close.

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