How To Stay Creative (And Why It Matters)

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I believe each one of us has a dream inside of us that, if we’re well for the most part, won’t leave us alone. And I believe that with the right kind of nurturing, that dream can inspire us to be who we were designed to be.

That’s right. I said designed. You can look at it from a spiritual or Biblical perspective. Or just from Psychology 101 or whatever.  But no one has the same set of abilities, experiences, and genetic make-up as YOU do. There’s something to be done in this world that ONLY you can do. And behind all that stuff is a big hairy dream pricking you from time to time.

But it won’t jump right out and sweep you away. You have to kind of search for it…tease it out. Sit back, be still, look at your life and see where the patterns lead. For some people that process finished before they reached junior-high. For me it’s taken most of my life and I’ve got grey hairs. I’m pretty sure you’re somewhere in between those two extremes, and I’m pretty sure you can shave some more time off if we stay tuned to each other.

If you’ve been feeding your dream in a certain way, it sometimes makes you lose sleep. Know what I’m talking about?

It doesn’t matter what kind of business or Foundation you have or want. The size and impact of your success is completely dependent on how creative you can get.

I’m finding out that if you’re not thinking of business in this way, it keeps you from growing at the pace you’d like.

Lizard-Brain Enemy

The headline for this post should have been “How Not To Slip Into Patterns That Suppress Your Creativity.” Believe me, you have to make a conscious effort to fight against those patterns. The reasons have to do with how our brains work.

Long story short, your brain is hard-wired to use your life experiences to form automatic mind-rules for guiding future decisions. It then uses these algorithms to frog-leap past the huge volume of incoming data from each new moment-to-moment life experience.

In other words, it’s set on automatic to constantly try and bypass the work it takes to be dynamic… to continuously create nuanced solutions for new situations. In a way, this serves us well because as we get older, the brain keeps dumping more and more data into memory storage…and tries to use  only as much of this data as is necessary to survive.

So if you kinda suspect you’re a little lazy, welcome to the rest of the human race.

Inside Job

But there’s your problem right there. It takes extraordinary effort to chase after big dreams, to take risks, or putting in the work now in order to work fifteen hours a week some day soon. Without that effort, the structures at the core of the brain default to Netflix, TV, entertainment galore, and to couch-potato levels of personal productivity. In a word, it defaults to consumption.

Not production…or the super-creativity it takes to defy odds, beat the competition or achieve big dreams.

So quite a bit of future content will be about that too. The inner game of a winner. How to cultivate and maintain it… the discipline, the science and the practice of high productivity. Big hairy dreams require a constant self-nurture to stay motivated. It’s the journey I’m on and I’m looking for company. Why not you? Personally, I wish someone had gotten this conversation started with me when I was seventeen or younger.

No better time than now to get started. Agreed? What are your thoughts? Should I keep you abreast of what I’m doing with my inside game too? I’m going to respond to each comment you make below. Why not get the conversation started?

Stoke Your creativity!

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