You Can’t Scale Zero

You can't scale zeroIt’s an inside job. It always was. A part of you always knew you weren’t fully invested. You can’t half-ass your way to success at anything worthwhile. None of this is new, and that’s why you’re not discouraged.. not really. You KNOW what you have to do; that’s not the problem. It’s grunt work time and you’ve never been able to stay consistent.

You’ve made all the classic mistakes. You’ve created content without identifying your ideal client properly. You’ve identified your ideal client and tried to get her attention without knowing her pain points.

You’ve kept doing that and all you got was the proverbial cricket. You tried a survey but still got more crickets. Then you guessed at her pain-points and launched a product you thought she needed.

More crickets.

You didn’t want to look at it too closely; too painful. You kind of stopped without stopping by running down rabbit holes even while knowing deep down that it was only a cop-out each time. All it took this time was to subscribe to 30 more email lists. Never mind the fact that you’d just unsubscribed from fifty others. You fooled some folks around you but at least you didn’t try to fool yourself.

Well maybe just a little. This habit of kicking the dirt under the rug and walking over it is a kind of self-deception, isn’t it? A few weeks ago, you listened to Gary Vaynerchuck, grinned to yourself, shook your head and acknowledged that he was 100% right. Just that moment, he was talking to YOU when he said you weren’t doing jack shit. Then you binged on Netflix for 12 hours that weekend.

Heck, you’re not even mildly depressed this time. We know why, don’t we? Why go listen to someone else tell you over and over what you already know? Sometimes you have to give yourself a pep talk.

Sometimes you have to talk your fears down to the guy in the mirror.

And that’s why you’re finally doing some things you’ve never done before. That’s good, but you aren’t ready yet to fact the guy in the mirror. He’s the toughest one of all, so slowly but surely, you’ve been getting ready.. ramping it up.

Everyone’s heard it before. Now you have to go reconnect with your why. Your’re going to find your notes from back in December and January when you revisited your vision 5 years down the road from now.  Remember? You’d set goals for this year and the next 3 months. You didn’t stick to it, partly because you didn’t keep your dream close enough.. didn’t keep looking at what you’d set out to do. Your demons won the day.

It’s time to commit to doing that vision each and every week. Now it’s finally time to pull out all the other stops too… to stop PLAYING around with this thing. There’s too much riding on it. A year from now, how will it feel if you hadn’t gotten it done?

All the things you were doing to scale your business have to go. It’s a waste of time at this point. You can’t scale zero. You always knew it, but couldn’t resist shiny things placed in front of you when you checked your emails. Well the emails have to go for now too. They’re just distracting you. YOU’VE BEEN USING THEM TO DISTRACT YOURSELF. Might as well own up to it and move on.

Time to pay dues… do what DOESN’T scale to get to the point where things are working on a small scale. THEN you’ll blast it to higher levels. But neither those emails, nor social media, nor Netflix will do it for you.

As for paid ads, and all the other strategies in your pipeline. It’s not time yet. You’ve nothing to scale as yet. Guest-blogging? Even that comes later. The blogs you’ll write for are the places where your ideal client hangs out. You haven’t gotten a really good handle on whom they are yet. So that’s not what’s going to get you over the hump either. Let’s break down what WILL…

You’ve always been drawn to systems work, the big picture, and working the numbers. Seeing and working with patterns inside your head is easy for you. Something tells you that once you get traction, you’ll scale faster than just about anyone. Introverts rock that way. Your demon has always been the grunt work; going eyeball to eyeball or mouth to ears on the phone.

Here it is: Grunt work doesn’t really fit the description because its actually fun talking to people and empathizing with them.. with love of the common-people in your heart, and the glint of a dream in your eye, learning more about who they are, what they really want, and what you have to deliver to make their lives better. Wheres the grunt-work in that? It’s actually a heart-warming conversation. You don’t even have to be a people-person, you just have to REALLY care. It’s a reward all on its own.

Guy in the mirror


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An extra $5,ooo a month? With your expenses, that’s about $15,000 a month in sales. For your $197 startup product, that’s only 75 people. At your conversion rate of 20% that means you have to make sales calls to 375 folks per month, or average about 30 calls per day because you only make sales calls three days a week. Shoot. One webinar can do that. Or a good pitch to the local Chamber of Commerce membership.

But you’re not at that point yet either. Your product isn’t built as yet. You need proof of concept first. You’ll shoot for building out your product if you can get 10 to 15 people to buy it in the next 4 weeks. Let’s say that averages out to 1 sale a day for the 12 working days you’ll be selling. So you only have to make 3 sales calls each of those days… or stretch it out a little if there isn’t enough time.

It’s a little bit of a stretch, but totally DOABLE. For your family; for your own future and peace of mind; for the affluence and freedom you yearn for; for your self-esteem, its NOTHING. Ditch all those email subscriptions. You’ll reconnect with those guys again when you have traction worth scaling. What did Jamie recommend? There it is… Thanks Jamie Masters. You rock. Good things come to those who hustle.

It’s time, don’t you think?

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