How To Grow A Profitable Business Online

doctor is writing prescriptionAt this point I think you need me to address some basic questions you might be having. Will this blog REALLY help you in any way? Who is it for? Why should you follow me? And why now?

What I Bring

I’ve done a lot of freelancing over the years to earn extra cash. Most of it has been offline. Then six years ago i started to interact with entrepreneurs making money online…. and lots of it. I started to study and research what they’re doing… intensely. I’ve even dabbled in what I’ve learned to see what works. My being able to broadcast via blogs, for example..or setting up payment processors for credit cards.

So all that has led me to where I am today. I have a lifetime of information, experience and awareness under my belt, and I’m about to have my first serious try at entrepreneurship…as opposed to freelancing (and there’s a huge difference we’ll be discussing in a later post). What’s about to happen will be really exciting. And you can benefit from it…big time!

First, let’s be perfectly clear. My entrepreneurial journey is just starting. I’m fairly certain it’s going to grow fast, because I’m holding myself accountable by putting the information out there as it unfolds. So yes. You’re going to get updates. I hope it entertains as well as it informs. But part of the strategy is also to have you call me out when I’m not doing what I’m supposed to do.

Making money online is a way of life for millions, but not so much in the Caribbean. Its about time we joined the party. I’ve jumped in and hope you hang with me, avoiding whatever mistakes I make, but taking action on what works in our little corner of the globe.  Make sure you don’t miss a thing. Look for the sign-up form on the right of this post. Get on my list.

Who benefits

Why is this important for YOU to know? I’m starting by contacting health-care professionals, Social Workers, Therapists and Counselors. Many of them are trying to grow and scale their services to the community. Others have an idea for new revenue streams they want to market. A few want to stop trading time for money. Which means they’ve spent years working and want their work to live on without them having to put so much time into it. The only way to do that is to build passive income. And it’s totally possible online.

So that’s where I want to start because I’m familiar with caregivers from my day-job. Maybe I’ll focus on others down the road, and a lot of the information is useful for all kinds of businesses, but I had to start somewhere.

Then there’s another issue that’s dear to my heart.  All good caregivers are what I call heart-centered people. You didnt’ get into your profession for the money. And if you’re like me, you realized somewhere down the road that there wasn’t a whole lot of money to be made as a Social Worker. It didn’t bother you  because you were enjoying working with people.

But did you know that you can build a lucrative heart-centered business by serving high-end clients looking for a skilled coach? Who says you have to depend on a salary to do what you’re dong now? And who says you can only have local clients? With all the technology we have at our fingertips, the world is your marketplace. If I knew how to do this 20 years ago, I would have built a coaching business to six figures,  so I could work with students for free!

I won’t lie to you. There’s a lot of stuff you have to learn. An internet business is a thousand moving parts. If only one is broken, everything can grind to a halt.

But you can do this!

As you follow my videos, blog posts, emails, courses, webinars and occasional phone calls, you can apply what I’m doing with whatever market you feel most comfortable with. I’ll be posting about that too because it’s a huge deal to find the correct niche for your business.

If you have a product or service you wish to sell directly to customers (b2c), you’re the one who has to do all the marketing. We’ll be talking about how to do that too. However, if your customers are in business for themselves (b2b), there’s a good chance some will want to learn the ropes themselves.

You’ll have to give some thought to how you want to approach both groups. Somewhere soon down this road I’ll have to make sure you have that covered. You can help me out by not allowing me to forget.

About Marketing

One thing you should know is that no smart business-person aspires to marketing via only one channel. However you’re getting new paying clients or customers, chances are that I can help you make it more efficient.  Online marketing is a great asset for ANY business if you know how to do it. It gives you bigger presence where you live, yet allows you more reach outside of your town. You can grow and scale your income much faster.

YOU’RE here because you have dreams and goals of your own. My intention is to help you to make YOUR plan, and to implement it. As I execute mine, I’m pretty sure some things won’t work. I’m going to fall flat on my face every so often–hopefully not so much, but I know that’s kinda how entrepreneurship works. With hard work and any luck, you’ll see me succeed as well.

You will have chances to witness all of it via blog posts, audio broadcasts, and live streaming video. I’ll be on Periscope, and hopefully Facebook Live will be available for Android very soon. I’ll offer a detailed analysis of all I’m doing, so you’ll have a front seat in my show, so to speak.

You get to benefit from a concentrated version of all the stuff I’ve been learning, then see me put them to the test. This is something big brands pay top-dollar to get done so they can have useful data to help drive bigger profits.

If and when you need hands-on help, I will do my best to offer you training and coaching services so you can overcome road-blocks along your own path.

I think all this is going to be fun. Big.. HUGE! How does all that grab you?

The time is now

In those six years I’ve been looking at this, I’ve seen thousands of practices explode into the digital space and generate 6…7…even 8 figures. I’ve seen online marketing help plastic surgeons go from a practice doing three procedures a week themselves, to a practice doing three of them a day along with another 20 non-invasive procedures they trained their staff to do.  Folks who had been plodding along for years doing OK, but found out how to reach out and help a lot more people using the internet. I believe that this trend will continue, but is already starting to get crowded. As more people learn the ropes, the time and effort it takes to scale will increase.

If you haven’t done so already, look for a link, top right on this page and sign up so you don’t miss a thing, then tell me what you think in the comments below this post. It’s important that I get your honest feedback as we start on this journey.

The Caregiver's BusinessAnd one more thing. This is the sort of thing that goes LOT faster in a community. Share the post with colleagues. Encourage them to sign up as well.  If you prefer, take the discussion to my Facebook group and we can continue the discussion there.

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