Jumping Off The Ledge

PrivateStock-8142This weekend I pivoted.

Made an abrupt one-eighty and started heading in a totally new direction as for as blogging goes.

And you’re at ringside to see the whole thing up close and personal. There will be a lot more down than ups; entrepreneurs tend to get bloodied-up and fail. With any luck, I will fail a lot…and fast…all the way to 6 figures.

There. I put myself on blast. Now I have to go and do it. Should be interesting. Out here all this is mostly ground-breaking stuff.

The sense of urgency about parenting culture is still there. I know I’ll always be spreading the word about serenity and parenting  actually being twins separated at birth.

But Seth Godin said it best. Sometimes your passion has to remain a hobby. I think I’m finally OK with that. Who says we’re only allowed to have ONE passion in this lifetime anyway?


Can’t tell you what took me so long.  There’s so many useful insights I’ve learned over the last 6 years about growing a business in the age of Google and Facebook.

This is my personal blog. I’ll be shooting stuff on here all the time about the journey, but don’t be too surprised if a parenting rant slips through every once in a while.  If I have serious content for “The Life Parent,” I’ll still throw it on there, but be on the lookout for the dedicated b2b site.

You don’t have to tag along just for the ride either. All we have to do is become super-useful to people and there’s actually money to be made…a good bit of it, in fact.

If you have a business idea you always wanted to start;

if you’re already in business and wondering how to leverage the raw power of the internet;

If you’re just wanting to scale but unsure how;

connect with me any way you want and let’s go.

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