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How To Stay Creative (And Why It Matters)

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I believe each one of us has a dream inside of us that, if we’re well for the most part, won’t leave us alone. And I believe that with the right kind of nurturing, that dream can inspire us to be who we were designed to be.

That’s right. I said designed. You can look at it from a spiritual or Biblical perspective. Or just from Psychology 101 or whatever.  But no one has the same set of abilities, experiences, and genetic make-up as YOU do. There’s something to be done in this world that ONLY you can do. And behind all that stuff is a big hairy dream pricking you from time to time. [Read more…]


What Google Wants You To Know, And What It Means to Marketers

ads_analyticsDoesn’t matter if you’re a Front Street merchant in Philipsburg, or Target’s regional manager wondering how best to get commuting drivers in Brooklyn to come in for a breakfast deal.

You want to stay abreast of what Google is doing. If your competition is paying attention, and also taking action, and you’re not, then it’s likely he’s beating you to the punch on a regular basis. [Read more…]


How The Future Of Education Blurs Professional Lines


So this is a rant about some of the things that are broken in our education system, and how we’re fast getting past them. And I’m not just talking about my little corner of the world here in St. Maarten/St. Martin either.

This is the age of the global village is it not?

Bits and pieces of a future book started spewing out and woke me up one night. I was struggling with a blog post about healthcare professionals. Everything in this world is so utterly connected. In rare sober moments you’re sometimes lucky to glimpse obscure ones in new light. It’s in those moments you may be on the cusp of the closest thing to a new idea. [Read more…]


You Can’t Scale Zero

You can't scale zeroIt’s an inside job. It always was. A part of you always knew you weren’t fully invested. You can’t half-ass your way to success at anything worthwhile. None of this is new, and that’s why you’re not discouraged.. not really. You KNOW what you have to do; that’s not the problem. It’s grunt work time and you’ve never been able to stay consistent.

You’ve made all the classic mistakes. You’ve created content without identifying your ideal client properly. You’ve identified your ideal client and tried to get her attention without knowing her pain points. [Read more…]


Will Social Media Kill Your Business By 2020?

Angry woman gesturing next to indifferent husband texting

You didn’t get the memo yet?

Customer-service is the new marketing. Sounds weird but those not paying attention will get run over and left to die.

For most, its bad news. For a few savvy brands, an exciting opportunity.  I’m hoping by the end of this post you’ll be in the latter group. [Read more…]


How To Grow A Profitable Business Online

doctor is writing prescriptionAt this point I think you need me to address some basic questions you might be having. Will this blog REALLY help you in any way? Who is it for? Why should you follow me? And why now?

What I Bring

[Read more…]


ThinkingHabitsBy recognizing thoughts that just aren’t true, but are habits, we begin to … move towards a more satisfied, whole place.

Oprah Winfrey


Thoughts have powerThoughts control your emotions, drive your actions and influence your habits. Learn how to guide your thoughts, and you can master your destiny.


Jumping Off The Ledge

PrivateStock-8142This weekend I pivoted.

Made an abrupt one-eighty and started heading in a totally new direction as for as blogging goes.

And you’re at ringside to see the whole thing up close and personal. There will be a lot more down than ups; entrepreneurs tend to get bloodied-up and fail. With any luck, I will fail a lot…and fast…all the way to 6 figures. [Read more…]

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